Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BILBAO 2010 - Is this the end??

Many of the hardcore fans that we've met around the world gathered yesterday in Bilbao to attend the last show of the Black Ice Tour. For most of them, and for most of our readers, the big question is: is this AC/DC's last tour? Is this really the end? The truth is nobody knows the answer. Maybe not even the band. The only certain thing is that Bilbao 2010 will be remembered as another milestone in AC/DC live career. AC/DC Abruzzo was there and with the next posts we will tell you more about it.



  1. Gosh, I sure hope they will do some more concerts even if they don't do another tour. Some small venues or maybe the venues that bring the biggest turnouts of fans. Maybe, someday, if they keep playing stages, I'll get to meet Angus. I look forward to reading the next post. Great blog, Matteo...xoxo

  2. Is this the end?