Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Finnish fish and chips

After the Tampere show AC/DC Abruzzo managed to reach Turku, pretty early in the morning but we missed the boat to Stockholm due to unexpected technical difficulties. Now we'll be forced to take the night boat to Sweden, also known as "Party Boat" (in Italian "Trombonave" which interestingly sounds like "Sex Boat") in order to get there in time for tomorrow's show.

For the record, yesterday's gig in Tampere was just great with an amazing performance of Brian, once again. The "old good" setlist is back. The Ratina stadium was one of the smallest of the tour and we just loved it. Again, we got to see the entire show with daylight which was pretty cool. The Finnish people were probably among the kindest and most friendly people we've met so far during the tour. And special thanks to Pekko and his friends for helping out with the tickets.

Soon report and photos from the Finland show. Ciao!

Exclusive Video from Tampere

AC/DC fan before the show (from Uncle Michel's Archives)