Thursday, July 29, 2010


PERTH, Australia March 9, 2010

AC/DC Abruzzo: Hi Angus, we just wanted to thank you for this amazing tour. It's been fantastic!
Angus Young: Thanks. You're Abruzzo, aren't you? (smiling)
AC/DC Abruzzo: ... :O

This was the last meeting with Angus in Australia. We also met him in Europe in 2009 and 2010, but in Perth for some reason, it was something special. In Australia you can feel the presence of Bon and the true essence of AC/DC more then anywhere else... It was one of those unforgettable moments of this tour that we'll treasure forever.

Unforgettable. Just like when we met our good friend Yann from France outside the San Mames stadium in Bilbao on June 28 before the show. He explained to us how AC/DC Abruzzo had been important for all those hard core fans who had managed to follow the tour thanks to us. He showed us he was literally having goosebumps thinking of what we had accomplished on behalf of the fan community, in the name of AC/DC and Rock'n'Roll...

When we think about moments like these, about Angus' smile or Yann's grateful look, about all the wonderful memories we've gathered during the tour and about all the support messages we've received from all over the world in the last 20 months, we get the confirmation that this was the right thing to do in this moment of our lives.

And we also got some tears in our eyes when we realized that the dream from the London Hammersmith show in 2003 finally came true...

Thank you AC/DC!

London, Hammersmith Theater October 20, 2003 - The soundcheck - The first Rock'n'Roll epiphany

London, Hammersmith Theater October 21, 2003 - A few minutes after the gig -The genesis of the dream

With young Orangus - The Ticket Master


  1. To Matteo & Stef,
    Well Done Guys, What an adventure you guys had around the world with AC/DC. This site was my update on all things AC/DC... THANKS..It was great to meet you guys in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA...Cheers GARY
    PS, Hope You Liked My Painting Of Malcolm Young

  2. Thanks Gary! It was nice meeting you! We had a great time in Australia!!! And we loved your painting! Are you going to make one of Angus too?

  3. That would be great to paint Angus, but i hear that he paints himself & he's alright at it too (Gee,Is there anything he's not good at??). I would love one of his paintings (Angus, I will swap you one of my paintings for one of yours??)...But there are a million images of Angus out there, so no thats why i choose Malcolm. Maybe one day i will paint Cliff & Phill..Gee those two guy's are so underated & deserve so much more credit ""SO LOOK OUT SOON FOR A CLIFF/PHILL CANVAS....Cheers GARY