Sunday, August 15, 2010


"I love Italian food" - Brian Johnson

Today is the second anniversary of the official come back of AC/DC almost 5 years for the video shoot of Rock'n'Roll Train in London. After that there was the Black Ice album and the Black Ice World Tour. For us it was the realization of the Rock'n'Roll Dream.

But how did we make it possible? We already told you some of our secrets... But there's more... It was during the first encounter with Brian Johnson in Stockholm that we had the inspiration about our ambitious project. In fact Brian gave us a real lesson on how to build the rockstar lifestyle laying down the founding principles of AC/DC Abruzzo.

During the two hours we spent with him and Cliff, Brian explained everything we had to know about SEX, FOOD (MANGIARE) and ROCK'N'ROLL. In the following 15 months we applied his teachings (together with those of the Kosp and KK and other mentors). And it was a glorious time...

So thank you Brian and thank you AC/DC!

This abridged version of Brian Johnson's lecture and explanatory video is endorsed by KK and the Kosp and his assistants and it is considered as a valuable educational instrument for those about to rock around the world with AC/DC

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