Monday, October 4, 2010

AC/DC Abruzzo conquer Mt. Gran Sasso (The Big Stone)

No more AC/DC concerts. No more trips around the world. No more exotic food. No more exotic girls. No more challenges. No more adrenaline... Despite the making of the Black Ice photo book, life was getting a bit boring after the end of the Black Ice World Tour. So the boys in AC/DC Abruzzo decided to meet again for another enterprise. To conquer the highest peak of the Gran Sasso Mountain and the Apennines, the Corno Grande (The Big Horn) 2912 m above sea level.

On August 19, Matteo, Stefano, Andrea, Alessandra and Marco, after spending the night in tents near Campo Imperatore, started climbing the last part of the "Little Tibet of Abruzzo" at 2 am and managed to reach the peak at 6 am. Just in time to witness the enchanting sunrise...

What now?

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