Saturday, June 12, 2010

PHOTOS from Donington

Fantastic show and fantastic crowd. The 80,000 people who were at the Donington Park were blessed with one night of pure rock'n'roll which will remain forever in the history of live rock music.
Here's a few photos. Official report with more pics and videos tomorrow.

Friday, June 11, 2010


AC/DC Abruzzo arrived in Nottigham at 4am after a long drive on the Motorway to Hell from London (on the wrong side of the street!). Our office will be based here for the next three days. We had our "rockstars breakfast" a couple of hours ago and now we are preparing ourselves to go to Donington and attend this historic rock'n'roll event. History will repeat itself tonight. AC/DC will be making history again! And this time we will be part of history too!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Photo by Scott Segrue

AC/DC Abruzzo had the opportunity and the pleasure to interview Ross Young, Malcolm’s son, a good friend of ours. Here’s the complete interview, exclusive for our blog.

-Today we have a very special guest with us. Ross Young aka as “Ross the Boss”. Hi Ross, how are you doing? It’s a pleasure to see you again. And thank you for accepting our interview

You’re my friends Abruzzo! It’s always a pleasure for me to help you out with your great blog!

-Thank you Ross! During this tour we shared some good moments together: from Ireland in Summer 2009 to Australia in 2010. And now again in Europe.

Yes, I’ve been traveling with my dad and the band for more than a year. After Europe we went back to North America and then South America. Then Australia, the US again and now back to Europe. I guess it’s more than 100 shows for me….

-WOW! Which was your favourite country and why? Any funny story while being on the road?

My favorite place is Argentina. The people there are so warm and kind. And the girls so good-looking! I really had a good time there. I loved it! But of course I like North America, with Canada and the States. And Italy too. Gorgeous girls over there...

-Let’s talk about you relationship with your father. How is it to be the son of Malcolm Young’s, the founder and the leader of AC/DC, the greatest rock’n’roll band in the world?

It’s a very normal relationship. Just normal hanging out. We do simple things like watching a movie or talking about my girlfriends… He gives me good advice. Dad is dad. He doesn’t come out a lot to pubs like I do…. But from the stories he told me, when he was younger he really enjoyed partying with friends and girls…

Malcolm and Ross in Milan in 2009

-WOW. What about these stories from the early days? Has he ever told you anything about partying with Bon Scott for example?

Of course, he always tells me about Bon. He was a great guy, with lots of tattoes and always having fun and always surrounded by women. He even told me the whole story about Rosie and when Bon met her… She was really a fat woman! But Bon didn’t care too much… He loved all women… Ahahaha

-Ahahah! And what about the other members of the band?

My dad always says that Brian and Angus get a lot of attention but Phil and Cliff should get more credit for what they’ve been doing. Brian is really a great guy, and also a funny guy. He makes lots of jokes. We always have a good time together. Cliff is great too. He always goes to pubs with Brian and has a few drinks. Phil doesn’t talk much. He’s very quiet. But he’s a good guy. He loves fast cars. I think he has a Ferrari… He also told me some stories about him and Bon having a good time together…. Angus is a good guy. He loves smoking cigarettes and drinking tea.

- Yes. We remember he was very happy when we gave him some special tea from Japan in Madrid last year.... But how was growing up in the Young family with so many rockstars?

This might sound unrealistic but it was totally normal. Of course sometimes you get to meet famous people or attend some important events with the band and the other family mambers. But the family is the family.

-What about the other rockstars that you’ve met?

My favorite is Steven Tyler. Really a nice guy. Also Slash. He’s very cool. And the drummer from the Rolling Stones. What’s his name? Yeah, Charlie Watts…

-Ross, we know about your passion for karaoke and we know that your favourite song to sing is TNT, especially this verse: “Women to the left of me and women to the right”. Can you tell us why?

My father always tells me I have to be a player with girls. And being on tour is just perfect because I always get to meet new people and women… Only in Argentina I met 6 girls... And I love when girls compete for me… AHAHAAHH

We in AC/DC Abruzzo we believe that there’s a lot to learn from your rockstar attitude when it comes to women. But we also know that now you have a steady girlfriend. Right?

Right. Her name is Alisa and she’s from California. Actually, she’s half Italian. She’s stunning. I’ll see her soon in Europe at one of the next shows.

Thank you Ross!! See you soon on the road.

It was a pleasure. See you soon! And please say hello to K.K. and the Kosp. I love reading about those guys and their pick-up techniques... AHAHAHAHAHAHA

AC/DC Abruzzo's President and Ross with the Italian team official shirt

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ORANGUS from Bern + Microwave tortellini

While Matteo was chilling out in Stockholm, hanging out with local girls and managing to cook tortellini with a kettle and a microwave oven (no stove available), and Stefano was in London finalizing the logistics for the Donington expedition, Orangus was supposed to follow the Bern show as special correspondent for AC/DC Abruzzo.
Yesterday we received these messages.

Messages from Orangus
June 8, 2010 11.59am

Yesterday a pipe in the bathroom broke up and there's water everywhere. I'm still waiting for the plumbers. Sorry, I don't think I will be able to go to Bern tonight...

June 8, 2010 9.05 pm
Just bought a standing ticket from a scalper for 200 francs. And the concert hasn't even started yet! Yeah! :)


How to cook fresh Tortellini without a stove
by AC/DC Abruzzo's President

1- Get rid of the picky Secretary General who would never allow this shameful unethical cooking practice
2-Buy Giovanni Rana tortellini (4 min) and Barilla Ricotta sauce.
3-Find 2 girls and tell them they will taste the best pasta of their life
4-Boil the water with the kettle
5-Put the tortellini in a baking tin together with the boiling water
6-Cook for 2 minutes in the microwave oven
7-Mix the sauce with the tortellini and warm up for 2 minutes
8-Have the girls taste the tortellini (they will love the tortellini and be totally surprised by your cooking skills)
9-Eat and go out with the girls


While waiting for Orangus to send us the full report from Bern we'll publish an exclusive interview with a very special guest tonight. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 7, 2010

CASA Arena Horsens 05 Jun 2010

In the beginning, the plan was to take a week off from our world tour "duties" and invest some time "interacting" with Swedish girls in Stockholm (which considering the founding principles of AC/DC Abruzzo is still part of our duties). But the temptation was too strong and we couldn't resist. We had to go to Denmark and get another AC/DC show under our belt. After all there's time for Swedish girls in the future, while this could be AC/DC's last tour. We got our priorities, right? So we rented a car and put an ad on our blog and Facebook profile to get another couple of crazy fans for this 24-hour mission...

A day later we were hitting the road headed for Horsens, Denmark. We had Bjorn from Sweden, historic fan (first AC/DC gig in 1977) and Jason from Greece (whom we met for the first time before the first Globen show and in Antwerp in 2009). We had 900 km to do and lots of AC/DC stories to hear and tell.

So we drove and drove and drove... We crossed the first bridge, then the second and then the third. And after 9 hours we arrived in this small town in the middle of nowhere... The scene looked a bit like Wels. Nobody around. Ghost city. Everyone at the gig, obviously... We got rid of the scalpers pretty quick, got a big Danish hot-dog and got inside for the show. We ended up on the seats again. We were too tired and lazy for the standing area (and also we are saving energy for Donington). The crowd was again another "scandinavian" crowd: so pretty calm and not moving a lot. But as for drinking habits, the Danish looked like the Scandinavian champions... But they were really loud. Probably the loudest... Anyway, the show was probably the best of the Scandinavian tour. Angus was just amazing... Even the intro of Rock'n'Roll was impeccable (we don't think coming out of the catwalk helps to be accurate). As for Brian, we don't know what he has been drinking or eating or taking. He's just getting better and better with age. Like an expensive bottle of Petrus wine. Malcolm was in excellent shape. So was Cliff. And Phil looked nastier than usual behind his drums with his brand new sideburns.

After the show, we dodged all the drunk Danish fans, especially those who were using the gates and fences around the stadium as toilets, grabbed a couple of sandwiches and got back on the car. No time for any sightseeing or chasing girls. We had to get back to Stockholm before 9am. We hit the road all night long keeping telling stories (Orangus and his adventures were mentioned several times -apparently he became pretty popular among the blog's readers). After all the passengers passed out because of the fatigue, the President kept driving and driving and driving... The energy of Powerage and Ballbreaker kept him awake all night long...

AC/DC Abruzzo's bat-mobile

Danish open air public toilet

Our dinner


Let There Be Rock

4am - Highway to Hell

Sunday, June 6, 2010


A few hours ago in AC/DC Abruzzo's headquarters in Stockholm
(coming out of the post-concert coma)

Matteo: What day is it today?
Stefano: Today it's the day after Horsens.
Matteo: Ah. Ok. Can we use the kitchen?

AC/DC Abruzzo is finally back in Stockholm after an epic 18-hour drive to Horsens, Denmark. Everything in a 24-hour time. 1900km, 3 bridges and probably the best AC/DC show in Scandinavia for this year. We got back 10 am this morning but woke up just a couple of of hours ago. Now time for some decent food...

Report tomorrow.