Friday, January 28, 2011

The R'n'R Nonno's Diary - The second day in Abruzzo

Friday morning and a 30 minute run along the seafront to proceed to another good stroll before more pasta variations at lunchtime.
Promises of another show at night with references to an artist that changed the history of music … CHUCK BERRY!
I was skeptical… Chuck Berry playing a show in Abruzzo? How could this be possible?
The the "Summer Jamboree" Festival really did exist and was headlined by the Man himself. I had seen Chuck Berry before, in about 1975 back home in England at the same venue where I saw AC/DC the first time.
No longer does he strutt his stuff like a younger man and no longer do the riffs come from his fingers, his voice remains the same but the words do not flow from his songs. But hey! We are in the presence of true greatness! A living Rock'n'Roll Legend that spawned the dreams and aspirations of some of rock's greatest stars: Lennon, Richards, Hendrix and our very own Young brothers, to name a few…
It was a great surprise and a pleasure to see him again. All thanks to AC/DC Abruzzo. Cheers!! I just hope nobody saw me with my umbrella again!
PS I think Matteo enjoyed the jive that was also part of the festival

"...and give Tschaikovsky the news..."

Alan and the AC/DC Abruzzo Steering Committee with Antonio (whom we met in Perth the previous February and took him to his first AC/DC show...READ THE STORY)

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  1. Hey, I was there too! Senigallia is a beautiful place. You could see a WHOLE BUNCH of people from the stage looking. Had a great time too!

    Have my dad back in Italy this year. Rome, Milano, Fermo where ever. He and the Saint Louis Band will be ready to ROCK YOU!

    Charles E Berry Jr.
    Saint Louis, Missouri USA