Sunday, February 13, 2011

The R'n'R Nonno's Diary - The fourth day in Abruzzo

Francesco Totti

Sunday- the day of rest. 30 min run with Matteo along the beach. A stroll and swim in the Adriatic with Stephano before Pasta time. Tonight we are going to see Pescara play in a preseason friendly with Roma. (I must mention that the last time I saw Roma at Old Trafford it was 7-1). Andrea has lent me a Pescara scarf especially as he has to go to a wedding instead. I'ts nice to see that something must take preference over football. Not so sure if it had been AC/DC playing. Marco has just arrived from Milan and it's good to see him again after Bilbao. The Game was not that special but the Pescara and Roma fans very passionate in their support. After the game we went for midnight Pizza. (the following day I would hear that there were clashes between supporters outside the stadium... And it was a "friendly" match!")

The Pescara supporters

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