Thursday, February 17, 2011

The R'n'R Nonno's Diary - The last day in Abruzzo

Another amazing record for the Rock'n'Roll Nonno!

Last day in Abruzzo. I spent most of the day at the beach and then we went all for dinner near Andrea's house. We had a few dozens of delicious arrosticini (skewers typical of this area, probably one of the symbols of the Abruzzo's region). Andrea was pretty surprised by how many arrosticinins I had… The Rock'n'Roll nonno needs energy!
I spent a wonderful week in Abruzzo thanks to Stephano, Matteo, Andrea, Marco, Alessandra and their family and it was a pleasure to see them again after going to AC/DC shows all over the world, from Wilkes Barre to Sydney, from Tokyo to Bilbao...
The best part of the tour was making new friends and catching up with old ones; it is hard to describe to ‘ordinary’ people just what it is like travelling the world and seeing the same show all the time. They think you are a bit mad and do not understand. That is something a few of us have in common. It’s a kind of bond that will be there forever...

With the whole AC/DC Abruzzo crew

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