Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2 days to the Hammersmith Live at River Plate World Premiere

- 2 days!

For Those About to Rock - Live at Hammersmith 2003

From Black Ice World Tour Photo Book (2 years on the road with AC/DC)

by Matteo Abruzzo

"The Carling Apollo Theatre was almost empty. The lights had switched on just a few minutes before in the “stalls section”. The intense smell of sulfur was still floating in the air. Groups of people covered in sweat, smiling and chanting were slowly heading out of the theatre. Most had an excited, euphoric look as if they just had some sort of epiphany.
I could still feel the drone in my ears. I had a last glance at the cannons on the side of the stage responsible for the thunderous explosions earlier on, underlying the tempo of that unexpected Rock’n’Roll apotheosis.
The powerful riff and lyrics of “If You Want Blood, You’ve Got it” were still in my head…
And they would remain there for the next 5 years."

Stefano and Matteo after the show...

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