Monday, May 16, 2011


During the DVD premiere weekend in London, the AC/DC Abruzzo Steering Committee (Stefano and Matteo) were among the few lucky people who managed to meet AC/DC.

Brian and Cliff spent some time with us, bringing back some good memories from the Stockholm night back in 2009. Cliff, a real rock'n'roll British gentleman, told us that he missed the Italian flag we used to show during concerts (!!). Brian, very charming and funny as usual, mentioned some stories about cars and Italian food (and women of course!).

While Cliff confirmed he had received a copy of our Black Ice Tour Photobook Brian didn't know anything about it. And when he saw it he remained speechless! He just couldn't believe that such a great book was the result of a small project carried out by fans for fans. He signed our copy... and we signed his. :D

Angus was also in fantastic shape despite the heavy day of interviews and press. He confirmed that he had gotten his copy and gave us his thumb's up! It's always a privilege to meet Angus, the Emperor of Rock'n'Roll...

It was great to see the boys back on the road (even without playing a concert). At this point, we do have the feeling that there will be another tour soon...

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  1. All polish AC/DC fans have a important day today. Namely we celebraiting anniversaries AC/DC performance in Poland. We salute you ACDC! We salute you Abruzzo!

    We are collecting signatures for a petition re-performance AC/DC in Poland. We want to see AC/DC to open polish stadium to Euro 2012.

    Once more, salute from Poland!