Saturday, July 9, 2011


Perth, March, 2010

Today is the 65th birthday of Bon Scott. Happy Birthday Bon!

And today, AC/DC Abruzzo blog is back, after a long break due to another short post-tour depression and a big overdose of AC/DC - Live at River Plate DVD.

Several fans have sent emails to ask us to keep our blog alive so we'll continue to post material from our 2-year journey around the world with AC/DC : more exclusive interviews, stories, photos, videos and news. And also more about the AC/DC Rock'n'Roll Fannation around the world who is waiting for the next AC/DC tour....

And yes, in London the boys confirmed there will be another tour!

Bon Scott' 65th Birthday Celebrations in Perth

As you know from our Facebook page, Bon's 65th birthday was celebrated all around the world by AC/DC fans, including in his homeland in Perth, Australia. There were several initiatives, including a free concert organized by WA Museum, Perth Cultural Centre (where the Family Jewels exhibition is currently being held) and the Bon Scott fan club by Doug Thorncroft .


AC/DC Abruzzo at the Fremantle cemetery, March 2010

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