Saturday, December 31, 2011


A few weeks ago AC/DC Abruzzo visited the AC/DC Family Jewels exhibition at the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, Scotland. The exhibition is FANTASTIC, even better then the Australian edition! We spent several hours surrounded by AC/DC memorabilia, as we did in February 2010 in Melbourne. We also met with good friends, Brian, Bryce and Jane reminiscing the good times of the Black Ice World Tour.

After the warm welcome of Shona MacDougall, the museum supervisor who was expecting us, we had a tour of the whole exhibition, looking together at some of the items that made the history of the greatest band in the world. We spotted some of the differences between the Glasgow edition and the Melbourne one. In particular, we really loved how the thickness of the wall of this huge historic building (much bigger than the Arts Centre in Melbourne) enhances the power of the sound of AC/DC. Watching each video, including the Live at River Plate DVD, you could feel the pure, rough live power of AC/DC!

We also loved how curator Tim Fisher and exhibition manager Fiona Bennie included the photos of our book "Black Ice World Tour 2008-2010 - 2 years on the road with AC/DC". Especially the two giant panels near the exit with the "Rock'n'Roll Fannation" photos. This was one of the additions of the Glasgow exhibition comparing to the Australian one.

We will publish all our exclusive pics of the Glasgow exhibition and more stories in the next blog entries. Including photos of the special exhibition of Bon Scott memorabilia of a Scottish fan in another room of the museum! So STAY TUNED!