Monday, December 17, 2012

BACK IN BUENOS AIRES - Live in Argentina - 2012

Jennifer and Cristian

In Buenos Aires we also met with Jennifer from Sydney. We became really good friend with her after meeting her in Rome in 2009 and again in Australia during the 2010 tour. She liked Project AC/DC Abruzzo so much that she offered to design the cover of our first photobook: Black Ice World Tour 2008-2010 2 years on the road with AC/DC. After 2010 she established herself in Buenos Aires working as freelance graphic designer, taking tango lessons and drinking delicious Malbec wine. It was a pleasure seeing Jennifer again...

Designed by Jennifer

Juan from AC/DC Noticias, one of our good Internet friends during the AC/DC tour, recommended to have a drink with another Juan, one of the greatest AC/DC fans in Argentina, who was in Buenos Aires at the moment. Juan invited us at his place and he showed us his huge rock collection (not only AC/DC) gathered during his job as a music promoter! His stories from the New York 2000 meet and greet with AC/DC were pretty entertaining. He flew with his buddy specifically to meet the boys in Manhattan for the promotional signing session of Stiff Upper Lip. Malcolm and Angus were very warm with them after hearing their stories. They allowed them to spend extra time with them and signed many items including their leather jacket... We then talked about the last tour and the next tour, about Argentina, our mutual friends and of course about food, wine and girls... We promised to meet again in Argentina or somewhere else, possible at an AC/DC show...

AC/DC Stamp

AC/DC Wine and Slash's autograph

New York 2000 meet and greet pass

With the AC/DC Abruzzo Books, also in included in Juan's collection
Before leaving Buenos Aires we decided to follow Cliff's advise (from the DVD) and go and take a look at the Recoleta's Cemetery. It is quite a unique place, we must admit, with a really peculiar atmosphere... It contains mausoleums of notable Argentinians people decorated with sculptures and statues. Tombs that tell the glorious stories and works of Argentinian generals, politicians, writers, artists, scientists as well as normal Porteños. After some philosophical reflections on life and death we focused on... cats! Lots of them all around. It reminded us of Rome a little bit, except for the fact that they really looked malnourished and some of them also sick... Before leaving the place we bumped into the tomb of a young girl with a poem in Italian written by her father on it. On the left there was the statue of the beautiful young girl with her faithful dog... Quite touching...


AC/DC Abruzzo's 2012 Argentinian adventures finally came to an end. Cristian kindly gave us a ride to the airport. One of his dreams has been to meet Angus and take a photo with him but he hasn't succeeded yet... "There must be another tour" he told me in Spanish. Si, necesitamos otra gira... I answered

Cristian and his Rock'n'Roll car


  1. Amazing histories!!
    what do u know guys about the next ac dc tour??

  2. Keep Rockin. Hope to see you and Juan during next tour.