Friday, May 2, 2014

AC/DC in Vancouver for the new album!

Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams reaching Vancouver for the recording of the new AC/DC album

As we kept saying through our Facebook page, rumors that spread out virally over the internet and all other media about AC/DC officially retiring due to the bad health conditions of Malcolm proved to be wrong. Although AC/DC confirmed through their Facebook page what all fans had feared about Malcolm it was officially announced that AC/DC will "continue to make music".

AC/DC official announcement

From the photos that have been circulating over the internet in the last few hours AC/DC appear to have gathered in Vancouver for the recording of the new album, as announced by Brian Johnson earlier.

Stevie Young apparently will replace Malcolm for the recording. This is what most hard core fans thought would happen, knowing the history of the band and their determination to go on despite difficulties and challenges. At the moment we don't know if Stevie will also join the band on the road like he did in the Blow Up Your Video tour...

Of course we wish Malcolm and his family all the best hoping that he can get better and come back soon.


Angus Young and Stevie Young together for the recording of the new album in Vancouver


  1. Looking forward to hearing what they come up with. Malcolm's riffs are hard to beat, but maybe Stevie will bring something new to the sound. This, after all, may be their last album ever, so hoping for something special. Also might be good if Brian did some songs in a lower register as he did briefly in Black Ice.

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