Friday, October 17, 2014


First Rock or Bust Promotional Photo - Fans Edited Version, the way it SHOULD be!

As you all know Phil Rudd didn't show up in London for the AC/DC Rock or Bust video shoot. Officially he had to go back to New Zealand due to some undisclosed family matters... Well, apparently, Phil was not in London for the first day of the video shoot either.

Is Phil really out of the band and some historic/hard core fans think? We don't know. A source inside Sony says he will be back for the tour but, unfortunately, for obvious reasons, Sony cannot be trusted on this.

These are the facts:

1- Phil was in Vancouver for the recording of the "Rock or Bust" album. (He was seen in the hotel)
2- Phil was not in London for the video shoot.
3- Bob Richards, his "substitute", didn't use a SONOR drum kit which proves that in the video editing process they will not try to include him "digitally", most probably.
4-The first official new AC/DC promotional photo does not include any drummer

After Malcolm's retirement, losing another pillar such as Phil Rudd will not make fans happy, especially those who have been following the band for decades. But we must be realistic. There majority of the fans will go to concerts to see Angus and Brian and listen to Highway to Hell or Thunderstruck. And let's not forget there is a new generation of fans ready to buy concert tickets anyway... Lots of concert tickets...

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  1. This is concerning, but I'm not shocked. Phil looked a little off in the promo interviews for his solo album. Rambling on, and missing teeth? Could he be on drugs and the band isn't having none of it? Hate to see some one else back there anchoring down the boys.We shall see.