Monday, November 24, 2014

ROCK OR BUST OFFICIAL VIDEO + The Phil Rudd Mystery (Part 5)

The long awaited new AC/DC Rock or Bust video is finally out! And what a MASTERPIECE! This time Dave Mallet really delivered a great piece of work. Maybe we are partial considering that 2/3 of the AC/DC Abruzzo staff are in it but, we have to say that after the "green screen debacle" of the Play Ball video we finally get to watch a really good old school AC/DC rock'n'roll video which captures the full essence of AC/DC and it's in line with the "live performance" videoclip tradition of the band. Happy!

AC/DC and some of their hard core fans

We love every bit of it, from the brown cap of Angus to the circular stage which, in fact, might also confirm the rumors that the layout of the AC/DC concerts of the forthcoming tour will be different. Yes, we know that Malcolm and Phil were not there, but AC/DC were and they are ready for another world tour!

As for us fans it was incredible to see the band so close perform the new song 6 times. We already watched the video about 100 times focusing not only the band members but also on the crowd, very attentively. ;D We are now part of the videography history of the band.

And this is just the beginning: the official come back of the greatest rock band in the world...

The Phil Rudd Mystery (Part 5)

Phil Rudd: Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap...
The first statements by Angus &co on the Phil Rudd situation during the interviews for the promotional tour clearly confirm that there will be another drummer for the next AC/DC tour.

It's not easy to imagine AC/DC having to wait for Phil to come to Vancouver to complete the recording of the new album or even worse Angus falling off the bed when hearing about Phil's...

Apparently the drummer going on tour with the band won't be Bob Richards, who, however, did a very good job on the Play Ball and Rock or Bust videos. Who is it going to be? Maybe another drummer from previous line-ups? Time will tell, soon.

Anyway Phil will appear in court in three days. In the mean time he was spotted playing guitar for about an hour with a fan in front of his house in Tauranga, New Zealand. (?!?!?!?)

Phil Rudd: once a rocker, always a rocker.

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