Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Phil Rudd Mystery Part 3 - The End

Phil Rudd in court

Well, it has now became evident that Phil Rudd will not be on tour with AC/DC next year. Being charged with attempt to procure murder and possession of drugs (again) he appeared before a New Zealand court. Of course he will not be able to travel abroad very easily after this...

The reason to leave Phil out of the video shoot and of the first official band picture for the Rock Or Bust album now seems to have been a calculated choice by the band. Probably because of Phil's recent unstable and umpredicatable behavior...

Who will be the next AC/DC drummer? Most probably Bob Richards, who took part in the Rock or Bust video shoot in London. Other come backs such as Chris Slade seem to be unlikely to happen.

We are going to miss Phil during this tour...


  1. There always be ACCADACCA. WE the fans will make sure of that.

  2. I had the chance to see AC/DC with Malcom and Phil in 2010 it won't happen again :(