Tuesday, May 5, 2015


1.30pm. Schipol Airport - Matteo and Stefano are back on the road after almost 5 years

AC/DC are back in Europe! And so is AC/DC Abruzzo!

This will be another chance for all of us to see the greatest rock band in the world live on stage! Despite the sad events of the last few years AC/DC fans around the world will be blessed with another tour!

Last month we were lucky enough to attend both Coachella shows, which were basically "private concerts" with (almost) no AC/DC fans. We were impressed by the energy and the power of the band on stage after 5 years from the last show. But we all know that AC/DC belong to Europe and the concerts here will be much much better with the right crowd and the right Rock'nRoll vibes.

Tomorrow the tour will kick off in Arnhem, Holland. We will be there with most of our old friends from the Black Ice tour. We can't wait...

Nonno Alan and Uncle Michel, ready for another tour!

Italian mafia minus Marcom

6 pm

6.05 pm

Angus and the English bikers

Angus and the English bikers with horns

The setlist

According to Uncle Michel, Bart and other fans the band has rehearsed the following songs:

3 May 2015

4pm without Brian

- Dog eat dog
- R'N'R train
- Shoot to thrill

7pm complete show with intro, effects and pyro

- Intro
- Rock or bust
- Shoot to thrill
- Hell ain't a bad place to be
- Back in black
- Playball
- Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
- Thunderstruck
- High voltage
- R'N'R train
- Hell's bells
- Baptism by fire
- Sin city
- Shot down in flames
- You shook me all night long
- Have a drink on me
- Whole lotta rosie
- Let there be rock
- Highway to hell
- For those about to rock we salute you

5 May 2015

3pm (without Brian)
- Have a drink on
- High voltage
- Whole lotta rosie

From inside?


  1. Awesome stuff you guys meeting Angus

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