Sunday, May 10, 2015

NUREMBERG 8/05/2015 + Exclusive Videos from Arnhem

Orangus is back!

After Arnhem, AC/DC rocked Nuremberg! Our special envoy Orangus was there and described the band's performance as:

"Brian was better in Holland".

We've known Orangus since Hammersmith 2003. He is not very talkative and he is a fan who always combines history and culture with any AC/DC tour, visiting museums, art galleries and opera houses and often getting late to shows. He was pretty excited about attending a concert in a venue of high historic value such as the Zeppelinfeld!

Anyway, we heard that Angus (still in a red suit) stripped for the first time for this tour. The new stage seems to serve the purpose pretty well for outdoor concerts even for huge crowds like this. No change in the setlist.

More to come....

(c) Orangus 2015


Sin City

Dirty Deeds

Have a Drink on me

Baptism by Fire

Play Ball

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  1. Sorry to say: The star of the show ist the stage production. The band itself is rather pale. Stevie's got no charisma, Slade is a hi-hat-machine, Angus' playing is rather uninspired and sloppy, Brian's voice is completey shoot. It's become a circus act. Been a fan since the beginning, but this is disappointing, Same show as ever, just a bit more colorfull. They could have and should habe come up with a whole new show and setlist. My last concert was at the Columbia Halle in Berlin, 2600 fans, very intimate. Super setlist. Everything that came after was just a sad joke. ACDC with downtuned guitars does not sound like ACDC anymore.