Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Olympiastadion, Munich 19 May 2015 - NIGHT REPORT

Stormy May Day

“And the Party starts right now!”- Brian Johnson 19 May 2015

History repeats itself. Especially with AC/DC. We couldn't imagine that it would rain so much tonight in Munich... Much more than in 2009. But the band didn't seem to care...

AC/DC Abruzzo is back on the road after Arnhem and we are going to keep going until it will be humanly possible (and inform you).

For the moment here's some exclusive pictures. Report tomorrow.

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  1. Oh good - you're alive! (10 days since the last entry, heh)

    Great photos, it's 2009 all over again... looking forward to your review tomorrow, I see the "Rock or bust" vid was just posted on your Youtube channel, so I expect it to end in the report too...

    Olympiastadion, Stade de France... all these great feelings of déjà vu for ya, eh? Cheers.