Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stade France, Paris 26 May 2015 - Night Report - CHAPEAU!

Hats off to the French crowd! Tonight was even better than 23 May! The stadium was packed again with French fans hungry for AC/DC!

We watched the show in the Pelouse Or section, Ciff's side. The audience was absolutely fantastic there! Same level as Bercy 2009. A lot of fun just a few meter from the greatest band in the world! Crowdsurfing and pogo at its best!

The sight of the Stade de France with it's 78,000 people was amazing with official and non official devils' horns flashing everywhere.

The band looked again in great shape despite some normal sign of fatigue. Angus, the best.


  1. Without Malcolm, Phill and Bon there can be no ACDC. The 2015 version of the band is like a lukewarm diet coke.