Sunday, June 21, 2015

From the Road - Orangus' adventures in Germany!

After visiting Cologne Orangus has finally got to Hannover for another show. He's aiming at 100 AC/DC shows so nothing is going to stop him. Here's Orangus' report (not in chronological order).

"Due to the rain and other problems I got to the venue pretty late so I was pretty far from the stage, on the left side. Brian looked and sounded great. The other band members seemed they slowed down after Hell's Bells. Please check on youtube who f***ed up on YSMANL" Was it Brian? There were several mistakes today. Some new merchandising items, including a 100 euro jersey.

I met a few people on the plane and they knew both AC/DC Italia and AC/DC Abruzzo. CENSORED. I confirm Brian was in excellent hape but the mistake in YSMANL was horrendous. They almost stopped playing. Like in Budapest 2009. Maybe it was a technical mistake... Slade apparently made another mistake on FTATR. We tried to bribe the security to get into the FOS area before the show but no chance. By the way I was the only one in shorts despite the weather..."

Orangus on his bike (The BucciCletta) Over 70 AC/DC shows under his belt...

100 euro t-shirt


Stay tuned for the whole story. Talking about Imola, the best audience of the tour so far, cell phones and the tour next year...

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