Tuesday, June 30, 2015


After the legendary concert at Hampden Park in Glasgow we finally made it to Dublin, Ireland. We have mixed memories of Dublin. In April 2009, AC/DC played the O2 Arena (one of top 5 gigs of the whole tour, as rated by us) whereas in June they played Punchestown, which was definitely one of the worst venues of the whole tour (with bad weather too).

But we have good feelings about the AVIVA Stadium and the Irish crowd tomorrow. It will be memorable!

And now some more exclusive videos from Glasgow 2015 from our new YOUTUBE chapter: including traditional BONNY as intro to Highway to Hell!


  1. Dude you truly have the best job in the fucking world!! And you are doing your job really really good, soooo jealous, you must have been right behind me and my mates in the glasgow gig judging by your videos, I was the one wearing a blue angus outfit just in front of you, keep up the good work dude and ride on....Cheers dude. Angus Barnes.....

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