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Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland 1 July 2015 - REPORT

Playful schoolboy Angus playing guitar with a beer bottle during LTBR...

Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland 1 July 2015

1. Rock or Bust
2. Shoot to Thrill
3. Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be
4. Back in Black
5. Play Ball
6. Dirty Deeds
7. Thunderstruck
8. High Voltage
9. Rock 'n' Roll Train
10. Hells Bells
11. Baptism By Fire
12. Shook Me
13. Sin City
14. Shot Down in Flames
15. Have a Drink on Me
16. TNT
17. Rosie
18. Let There Be rock
19. Highway to Hell
20. For Those About to Rock

The Dublin show went even beyond our expectations and made it to the AC/DC Abruzzo Top 3 shows, according to AC/DC Abruzzo (1st one is Paris 26/5, 2nd is Arnhem 5/5). As you know if you've been reading our blog during the Black Ice Tour our "rating" is the result of a combination of band's performance, crowd and venue.

The Venue: The Aviva stadium is in the middle of the city, in a residential area. The seating sections are almost vertical to the pitch making it an "intimate stadium", even if its capacity is 55,000 people. The acoustics in the pitch seemed to be better than Glasgow and Berlin. The atmosphere and the "roaring" of the crowd was even louder!

The Crowd: We were surprised by the fact that 30 minutes before the show almost one third of the stadium was still empty. But they explained to us that Irish people love spending their time in the pub until the very last minute before a show. Anyway, the stadium got filled up everywhere and the sight was amazing. Believe it or not, people on most seating sections were actually standing, jumping and singing during the concert. Big thumbs up to the Irish crowd!

Band's performance: What to say here? We were in the front of stage section. Never been so close to the stage before on this tour, and in a comfortable position considering that that section, for some security reason, was not full at all. Bottom line we were so close to the band it almost felt like an indoor show from 2009. And seeing the band up close, so focused and energetic, it was a blast! Looking at Angus singing lines from Sin City while duckwalking or playing his guitar using a bottle of beer thrown by someone in the audience as a guitar slide was just priceless. Not to mention Brian's voice and his constant jumping and dancing until the very last minute. He even improvised a traditional Irish Dance making eye contact with a young boy staying on the shoulder of his father in the first rows, right side.  The boy will not forget that easily... Brian was so hyperactive that while he was not going back and forth, he was even jogging on the spot.... Chris seemed very accurate yesterday and from our position we could also appreciate the highest professionalism and passion that both Stevie and Cliff are putting in each show. For those about to Rock we salute you!




Angus picks up the bottle

Angus empties the bottle

Angus plays a killer solo with the bottle


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