Monday, July 27, 2015

Warsaw, POLAND – Stadion Narodowy 25 July 2015 - PART 2

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap


Yesterday I was so euphoric for my record that I forgot to mention that the band actually changed the setlist and played Have a Drink on Me before Shot Down in Flames. Maybe it was a mistake like they made in Dessel when they played Sin City before YSMANL, or maybe it was planned. Who knows? Anyway, different setlist!

Some other technical points. Although, I became almost deaf because of so many AC/DC shows, I could still notice that acoustics in the front of stage area were a disaster. In the Warsaw Stadium there was a sort of roof (made of some soft material, apparently) which probably made the sound even worse. I decided to move to the left during Back in Black. Brian was clearly tired but it is difficult for me to assess his performance due to the bad sound. The band played better towards the end. I didn't like the first part of the Angus solo in LTBR as much as the other days but the second part was incredible! The audience was better than in Scandinavia.

I had back pain for almost 2 days and it was difficult for me even to stand. But when the music starts, I get healed, forget everything, and it's groundhog rock'n'roll day all over again!

See you in Foxborough! 


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