Friday, August 28, 2015

Live at Metlife Stadium East Rutherford 26 Aug 2015 - FULL REPORT

Back in New Jersey!

During this tour Ac/Dc sold out the biggest stadiums and concert venues in the world and the majestic Metlife Stadium, one of the biggest stadiums in North America, was no exception. For some unknown reason the promoter decided to have a GA front of stage section which was quite unusual for the US. Obviously the American audience didn't know how to make the best use of a GA section at an Ac/Dc concert and everybody stood pretty still and quite. At least it was possible to move around and always be pretty close to the stage or change position, unlike Foxboro where it seemed to be at a theatre with everybody having a reserved seat.

Sound was not as good as in Foxboro but still it was much better than many venues in Europe.  The band was in great shape after 4 days of rest. Play Ball was again played faster than usual and now it really sounds great. Angus was unstoppable, as usual. Brian's performance was also excellent although we could see he was a bit fatigued, looking at the teleprompter also during old songs. We think we should all be extremely grateful for his efforts as it shouldn't be east to jump like crazy every night at his age. We are not sure the tour is going to continue in 2016 but we are very happy for all we got so far.

Angus, again in a red suit, two nights in a row, changed his guitar before High Voltage. We got the impression his second guitar sound was even louder... Pure bliss for our ears! Chris Slade sounds much better than before and many of his Donington 91 moves and faces have come back. Stevie also looks and sounds very precise and accurate, a great tribute to his uncle Malcolm whose name was mentioned again during High Voltage (check out our video here).

After the show, again, we were impressed by the efficiency of the traffic management. After only 30 minutes we were back on the highway to NYC. Another thing that struck us, beside the unbelievably high security levels which included metal detectors, "no backpack policy" and police in uniforms handcuffing people during the shows (which we had never seen before) was the improvised barbecues that American organized in the parking lots before the show with grilled meat and beers... When in Rome.... :O

Today first Canadian show in Quebec City! A bientot!

Unstoppable Angus

There were 15 million fingers 

The stiff upper lip

"I'm doing it for my uncle" - Stevie told us

Brian's new magical beverage

For Those About to Eat

Metlife Stadium

Porterhouse Steak

Abruzzo Friends

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