Friday, August 7, 2015


Angus Young with fans (talking about Imola and the 2016 tour)

After attending 30 shows out of 30 played by AC/DC during their Rock or Bust World Tour), travelling for tens of thousand of miles, from Coachella to Europe and while waiting for the kickoff of the North American Tour on 22 August, we want to share the story of one of our last meetings with legendary Angus Young...

Despite the huge success of the last AC/DC tours, Angus Young has remained humble, very kind and (almost) always available and accessible to fans, especially those who showed loyalty to the band and to AC/DC in the past. And believe us, he's got an amazing memory to remember fans and small details!

We witnessed his extremely friendly attitude with all fans asking for a photo or an autograph on many occasions. Every meeting with him is unforgettable but hat happened in Zurich was unique, even for us who met him several times, from Brussels to Sydney, from London to Imola.

After the cigarette in Perth in 2010 and in London in 2014 we were blessed with another incredible opportunity to spend time with this Rock’n’Roll legend, during one of his frequent "cigarette breaks".

Special gift to Abruzzo

Angus spent more than 30 minutes outside his hotel, signing autographs and chatting with us and another half dozen fans. He was very cool, true rocker attitude and seemed to enjoy talking about life, music, food, AC/DC. Everything! What was even more striking was his asking many questions to us!

(After signing and chatting the cigarette was lit…)

Matteo Abruzzo: Angus, thanks again for this tour. It’s been amazing so far. We started in Coachella and came all the way to Zurich. We cannot stop!

Angus Young: Yes, Coachella. I think I saw your flag there too…

Matteo Abruzzo: LOL It was important for us to be there on your official come back, after 5 years and after all the challenges you and AC/DC had to overcome… In may case I had to fly for 16 hours but it was totally worth…

Angus Young: 16 hours?!

Matteo Abruzzo: By the way Italy is waiting for you! Apparently the concert in Imola will be the biggest AC/DC concert in Italy ever. They claim they have sold more than 90,000 tickets…

Angus Young: That's good! (Angus puffs on his cigarette) But I wanted to ask you, what is Imola? Is it a racetrack?

Matteo Abruzzo: Yes, it is! Just like Hockenheim.

Angus Young: I wonder... Is it long or wide?

Matteo Abruzzo: It should be long. Generally it’s long, it’s not very wide. But they change the venue. They sold out all tickets in one week and there are lots of people still looking for tickets. You should play two concerts… ... Maybe next year…

Angus Young: (Everybody laughs. Angus giggles) You should talk to Brian… You know I play the guitar but Brian has his voice as musical instrument… And he likes it is at its best…

Matteo Abruzzo: Brian already said no! He told us several times he’s too old and can’t go on. He started in Stockholm in 2009! But maybe he will change his mind... He likes to complain and be dramatic. It must be his Italian DNA...

Angus Young: (giggles)

Matteo Abruzzo: But this tour my impression is that even his voice is great. Not as good as at the beginning of the Black Ice Tour but still excellent.

Angus Young: Yes, its very good!

Matteo Abruzzo: Angus, it’s important that you explain to him that he has to go on because it’s important to us, as fans. Not only for AC/DC and for the music, but also for the fans!

Angus Young: Absolutely.

Matteo Abruzzo: We will tell him later on. We have a bottle of one of his favorite wines from his selection of wines (pointing his finger at Stefano)

Stefano d’Abruzzo:Yes! Barolo from my personal cellar!

Angus Young: Barolo... But tell him “don’t drink it on work day! Not before singing” (Angus giggles)

(everybody laughs)

Another cigarette with Angus

German fan: What do you think of playing stadiums? Do you feel the energy of such large crowds?

Angus Young: Of course! And when I don’t feel it enough I do like this (Angus does the typical “I can’t hear” gesture)

(everybody laughs)

Matteo Abruzzo: I think one of the best crowds was in Paris.

Angus Young: It was very big on the Saturday night (23 May) And the last show in Madrid too. It was very powerful! Even before we came on stage!

Matteo Abruzzo: But we also need you to go in Argentina again. So we have the excuse to go there! We missed Argentina during the Black Ice tour!

Angus Young: Oh, you missed Argentina?! (Angus giggles)

Matteo Abruzzo: Oh yes, we were already in Sydney preparing the Australian tour. We did 11 shows in Australia! All of them!

Angus Young: I would play everywhere they tell me to play. I would love to go back to Argentina...

Matteo Abruzzo: Yes, the audience is crazy there. They jump like crazy during the show. In Europe is different, especially in countries such as Germany...

Angus Young: Yes, and they hold their phones. I was talking to Ellen about all those lights I can see from the stage while playing. What are they? Are they glowsticks? And she told me, no Angus, they are mobile phones... (Angus giggles) ... There were many in Paris and I see all these lights... (Angus giggles) ... In Madrid there were less...  It's actually a great sight from the stage...

Matteo Abruzzo: And maybe after you can come to Abruzzo and play a show there too (playfully said)

(everybody laughs)

Angus Young: Abruzzo is in the South of Italy, isn't it? Do you have the sea?

Matteo Abruzzo: Of course! We have the Adriatic sea there! Lots of beautiful beaches!

Angus Young: Well, that's a plus. I like water... After this tour is over... I might go...

Matteo Abruzzo: We have great food. Nature, people. Also some mafia and crooked politicians...

(everybody laughs)

Angus Young: eh eh... I stay away from them... (he puffs on his cigarette)... I always wanted to play the guitar. I never got involved in any politics... .... ...

At this point Angus starts talking about politics, rock'n'roll and the early days... Honestly, we get distracted by looking at this minute man talking and smoking realizing he happens to be one of the greatest living legends in the history of rock'n'roll.... Despite playing in front of hundreds of thousands of people he still remains humble and down to earth making feel each fan special. A great man!

After other photos, signatures etc. Angus lights another cigarette and spends more time with us talking about everything, from the Champions League final to next Australian tour. He thens joins his wife and says bye bye. We cheer him clapping hands. Another memorable story to remember!

 Sons of a devil

Our photo book signed by Angus