Thursday, October 15, 2015


Up to my neck in AC/DC - Spurky and Abruzzo

We are finally back!! Sorry to our readers for the black out!!

Matteo Abruzzo has been out of the game for a while due to the consequences of a pretty bad neck injury after the Canadian tour (but now things are going well). Stefano was stopped in London dealing with some Gordon Ramsey wine issues and Orangus was too busy traveling from a city to another in North America (he is not able to update a blog anyway!). Hence, the absence of posts for more than a month. We will publish his travel diary while waiting for Australia!

And speaking of Orangus:

CONGRATULATIONS TO HIM FOR HIS 100th AC/DC CONCERT! And Los Angeles 28 September 2015 was his 42nd consecutive AC/DC gigs!

Orangus - Now a member of the Elite club of +100 AC/DC show fans! (c) photo