Saturday, June 4, 2016

LONDON 2016 - Meet and Greet with Orangus.... and Angus.

We got to London yesterday and met both Orangus... and Angus.

Orangus seems to be in good shape, despite over 115 ACDC shows (over 60 only in this tour) and the hectic travelling, sleeping in hostels and eating at buffet restaurants all around the world. He lost the concert count, which is not a good sign. But his morale is high and he is already planning his trip to the USA for the gran finale of AC/DC. He is still talking about Kansas City, Brian's last show, proudly saying he was the only one among hard core fans who saw it. He seems to have accepted Axl Rose though. Touch Too Much was a gem, for "serial concert collectors" like him, but he still maintains that Prague was not exactly the best performance of the band, despite the setlist.

Angus was also very happy and with high morale. We quickly met him at night to thank him for playing "If You Want Blood" again in this leg of the tour after Hammersmith 2003 and of course we asked if they were playing more rare songs in London, in particular Touch Too Much and Gimme a Bullet, which was rehearsed but never played live. Angus responded: "I don't know, we will see"... with the usual "Angus Young criptic smile". Very courteous as usual, he shook our hands several times. We found him very relaxed, much more than at the beginning of the tour. We don't think there will be major surprises at the London show, but under the current circumstances, you never know...

With Angus (the night before the show)


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