Thursday, December 17, 2009


Still no official confirmation from But at this point we believe it is just a question of hours... Here's the screenshot of one of the pages that were reportedly published on AC/ for a few minutes yesterday and then saved on the Google cache.

In the last 24 hours the President of AC/DC Abruzzo has been working in the new AC/DC Abruzzo office in Sydney to plan the AC/DC Abruzzo European tour. Yesterday there was a frantic exchange of emails among Orangus in Milan, the Vice President in Abruzzo and the President to create the roadmap for the final leg of Black Ice World Tour and to cohordinate the purchase of tickets. The Secretary General, on the contrary, could be reached only via sms. Apparently he's still working full time on project Australia.


Here you will find all the details about the dates officially confirmed.

Although this preale will be much easier than the one that took place last year for the arena indoor tour we don't want to leave anything to chance. The Udine show will go on presale today at 6pm Italian time here:

Unanimity was reached on the fact that the Italian show is our number 1 priority. The Italian crowd proved to be the best of the entire European tour last year at the Forum of Milan so we all agreed that the Udine show will be memorable and cannot be missed.

Yesterday there were also contacts with the KOSP who strongly recommended to attend the following shows if they are confirmed.

27-May-2010 - Warsaw, Poland - Bermov Airfield - TBD
30-May-2010 - Tallinn, Estonia - Song Festival Ground - TBD
1-Jun-2010 - Tampere, Finland - Ratina Stadium - TBD
3-Jun-2010 - Stockholm, Sweden - Olympic Stadium - TBD
5-Jun-2010 - Horsens, Denmark - Horsens Stadium - TBD

According to the KOSP, in these areas there is great potential for recruiting new AC/DC Abruzzo groupies... :) AC/DC Abruzzo will listen to his mentor and give priority to Poland, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Yesterday there were also other rumours about the band playing the entire Back in Black album live in Europe in 2010. Now, we believe in dreams but, considering our experience with the band, this will not happen. It would be nice to be proved wrong though.

It's hard work to be a hard core AC/DC fan... :)

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