Thursday, February 18, 2010


AC/DC Abruzzo spent the day after the last show in Melbourne going back to the Family Jewels exhibition for the third time in a week. The more you go the more you appreciate the rare items displayed. You actually discover something interesting that you hadn't seen the previous time... We spent a few hours reading Bon's letter and some old newspaper articles and discovering more rare photos. It's like going back in time to the early days of the band. A fantastic Rock'n'Roll journey!

We also went to St. Kilda to a few record shops and rarities and back to AC/DC Lane for a few more photos of the wonderful poster installation. Soon there will be a special report on the AC/DC Italia website.

We finally spent some hours in the Little Italy of the city on Lygon street. Actually, we ended up in the Abruzzo Club of Melbourne, big building with a very good restaurant and lots of Abruzzesi immigrants everywhere. We spent a couple of hours with a few Italian Australian gentlemen discussing all sorts of things: from Abruzzo recipes to Italian politics. It felt like home. It was also interesting to find out that these immigrants who left Italy 40 years ago don't regret their choice at all. They managed to build fortunes from scratch and lead wealthy and happy lives in Australia whereas in Italy most Italians of their generation are now struggling to make ends meet...

And now SYDNEY!!

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