Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feb 18, 2010

We would like to thank AC/ for posting our photos and linking our blog on the news page of the official AC/DC website (toxictwin is one of Matteo's nicknames). One of the aims of the AC/DC Abruzzo blog has been to share our stories following the band around the world with the rest of the international fan community so we are particularly happy that our pictures were selected for the official website. We hope we can still contribute during the continuation of the tour.

February 18 is an important anniversary for AC/DC Abruzzo because exactly one year ago we started the European Tour in Oslo, Norway. That night was the official come back of the band to the old continent after almost 6 years and the beginning of our adventures on the road in Europe. We remember it was quite cold in Oslo (approx. -5) but inside the Telenor Arena it was as hot as Hell...

The Secretary General duckwalking on the snow in Oslo...



I met this girl for the first time on Saturday night
Standing in the queue at the Odeon alright
Then I took her by surprise
When I threw her one of my lines
She started smiling and being real fine
That`s when I say-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
Can I sit next to you, girl?

A large number of AC/DC songs talk about the interaction with women and seduction techniques, especially those from the early days. In today's Italian Seduction lesson we decided to consider the lyrics from one of the first AC/DC songs. In fact this AC/DC classic provides a basic but very effective technique to approach girls successfully. According to the song the following steps are necessary:

-Throwing a pick up line (also known as OPENER)
-Waiting for positive reaction
-Sitting next to the girl to achieve physical proximity (the technical term is LOCKING IN).

Sitting next to the girl(s) will contribute to create comfort, build rapport and speed up physical escalation (also known as KINO escalation) leading to sex.

Under the supervision of The KOSP and KK, this technique was fieldtested on several occasions here in Australia and it proved very effective, especially on OZ girls.

KK's assistant sitting next to OZ girls

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