Monday, April 5, 2010


The organization of the final European leg of the Black Ice World tour continues. After the unexpected addition of the two Spanish shows (which obviously can not be missed) AC/DC Abruzzo has been facing some extra organizational challenges.

Despite some unexpected problems with the Internet connections (Australian USB modems are the most unreliable and expensive of the Western Civilization) the Steering Committee has worked around the clock in the past few weeks. The aim was not only to book flights, trains, hotels etc but also to find the money to afford them! I told you folks... it's harder than it looks!

Yesterday AC/DC Abruzzo Vice President met with Marco from AC/DC Italia for a delicate diplomatic dinner in Abruzzo, to discuss the future plans of the joint venture. Obviously in front of a few dozens arROCKsticini, the most iconic and delicious food specialty from Abruzzo... Pretty unfair considering what we had to eat here in Australia for our our Easter lunch.

Orangus has disappeared again. Nobody knows where he is. He will probably show up again in Sofia...

The Vice President, the arrosticini and Marcom in Abruzzo


We met Phil on a number of occasions during the Australian tour. We always applied the AC/DC Abruzzo strategical model and everything always worked just fine.

Kidding aside, Phil is a true rockstar, no doubt about it. And the more we meet him and talk to him (just a few words per time, obviously) and the more we are convinced about that he has a genuine, pure, mean, old school rock'n'roll soul.

He loves his cigarettes. He loves his drums. He loves women. He loves rock'n'roll. And, as we found out in Sydney, he just loves to play "HIGH VOLTAGE" live...

(After the second Sydney show)

The President: Hey Phil! Thank you for playing High Voltage. It was amazing tonight
Phil: Thanks... I actually quite enjoyed it myself.


Watch the video from the show. 3 min 30 sec in you'll get Phil "Goldfish" Rudd at his best. HERE

With some Irish friends and a surfboard signed by Phil

Phil's drumsticks after the Perth show (from a friend's private collection)


Orangus' style with women is definitely less sophisticated than the Kosp's and KK's and it tends to be more direct. He seduces women with his Italian charm and strong confidence and he doesn't apologize for it. Although KK and KOSP don't endorse this style of seduction, they recognize that it can be very powerful in certain situations. Sometimes women want to be seduced. But only by Alpha men. Being Alpha is the key to successful direct Game.

Orangus' direct game with women doesn't not include Pick Up lines (like the ones used in Can I sit Next to You for example) or techniques to spark attraction but it relies mainly on the so called "caveman" style mixed with Italian gentleman charm.

Orangus picking up his Japanese target

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