Tuesday, January 11, 2011


December 2008: the early days of AC/DC Abruzzo

December 2010 (85 AC/DC shows after...)

2 years after the first Rustelle Elettriche Night held in December 2008, the founding fathers of AC/DC Abruzzo met again in Città Sant'Angelo (aka The City of Angels of Abruzzo) in the AC/DC Abruzzo headquarters. President Matteo, Secretary General Stefano, Vice President Andrea and Marco (the latter representing AC/DC Italia). Puppy mascot Rosie was also present.

The decision was unanimous: Project AC/DC Abruzzo must continue!

As a matter of fact, it is impossible for us not to express our passion for AC/DC in our everyday life. And we are also aware that what we learned and lived during the Black Ice World Tour will inevitably continue to influence our lives for many years to come...

We also agreed that the blog will continue to be updated according to the original foundations and guidelines of project AC/DC Abruzzo.

The only blog on AC/DC that aims to promote the original and genuine spirit of the Italian region of Abruzzo. A spirit that is always strong and gentle, ironic and pungent, witty and facetious but always incorruptible and loyal to our ancestors' values which we express through our passion for the AC/DC music especially in the occasion of the long awaited BLACK ICE World Tour.


SEX - The new adventures around the world of the apprentices of the master Pick up Artists and womanizers KOSP, KOFK, KK (check the blog to find out about these legendary figures). Also with the help of the teachings of Professor Brian Johnson and Rocco "Hard as a Rock" Siffredi.

FOOD - New exclusive rock'n'roll recipes from the Abruzzo region.

ROCK'N'ROLL - Although concert reports will be suspended (at least until the boys decide to come back on stage) we will continue to post exclusive material from our archive (photos, videos and stories). As Arnaud Durieux once said: after attending 85 shows, the biggest non-official/fan based archive of the Black Ice Tour in probably in Abruzzo... :)

MENU of the Night

-Pizza al taglio (prosciutto e funghi, margherita, quattro formaggi)
-Salame nostrano abruzzese
-Scaglie di parmigiano reggiano stagionato
-Entire DISC 1 of Plug Me In
-Bootleg DVD's from NYC Madison Square Garden 2008
-Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Wine

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