Thursday, April 21, 2016


Is this the end of AC/DC?

Almost 4 days have passed since this surreal announcement: Axl Rose will be touring with AC/DC for the remaining 22 shows of the Rock or Bust tour.

For us, as fans, it was like a punch in the stomach, a real powerful punch. And it took us 4 days to start "breathing" well again, calm down and reflect on this situation rationally. We didn't want our judgment to be clouded by the anger and hate that we have felt deep inside so we had to wait.

Honestly, we never believed the Axl-AC/DC rumors in the last 5 weeks. Not even after the TMZ picture appeared online. It was too much. It was against the history and the values of AC/DC. It was against common sense. It was just impossible. But we were proven wrong. Life can be unpredictable. Or maybe we were too naive.

TMZ  photos

For many fans like us Angus' choice is just too difficult to understand. Axl represents a different music culture, different style, different work ethics, different career. Beside that, there are too many infamous "psycho acts", on stage and offstage in Mr. Rose's CV which prevent us from agreeing with this choice.

Most hard core AC/DC fans are prejudiced against Axl Rose. And we have the right to be for what he has done in the past. Axl Rose is the guy who destroyed Guns'n'Roses, picked up fights with fans and photographers, arrived late for shows, cancelled concerts with no reasons, published only one album in 20 year of "activity". How could he deserve to become the lead singer of the greatest rock band in the world??

AC/DC fans have all the rights to be prejudiced against Axl and question Angus' choice, including his decision to join Guns'n'Roses on stage in Coachella just after the official announcement to play Riff Raff and Rosie. Many hard core fans already sold their tickets. Some of them are so upset and disappointed they consider AC/DC as officially "dead". AC/DC Italia, which has been online for 13 years, officially stopped its activity on the same day the announcement was made.We don't blame them and we respect their choice.

"What would Malcolm and Bon think of Axl?" - Question asked by all fans

What about us in AC/DC Abruzzo? Our history as AC/DC fans does not go back to the 70's or to the early '80s like many hard core fans. However, who followed us in the last 8 years on this blog know that our relationship with AC/DC has been pretty intense. During the Black Ice tour we lived the "rock'n'roll" AC/DC lifestyle following the band almost everywhere. We saw over 100 shows combined, traveled the world, spent time with hard core fans, with the band, with their families etc. We managed this tour blog and published two photobooks .

Despite our prejudices against Axl and against Sony/Angus' decision, it is basically impossible for us to deny our love and loyalty for AC/DC now, especially in this difficult time.  It would not be fair, for what AC/DC has represented for us and for how it changed and enriched our lives. We must give Angus the benefit of the doubt.

And at the moment Angus is AC/DC. And we will support Angus in this decision, although we don't understand it and we don't agree with it... We will do it because of his 40+ year history of successes that AC/DC has had, including when they had to overcome major challenges. Besides, from the way we know Angus, and we must trust him, even beyond rationality. It would not be fair and honest to him.

It will be a leap of faith. And we are willing to take it.

Of course, it is clear that we all miss important pieces of information in this story. About Sony's role, the dollars involved, about the fines to pay in case of cancellation, about what Malcolm really told Angus when discussing the future of the band before being hospitalized, about Axl Rose himself (who maybe want to use this opportunity to redeem himself as a rocker). About "Brian's situation" (who has proven to be a real gentleman with fans and Angus/Cliff with his official statement, and about whom we will make a separate post).

We are sure the legal agreement between Axl and AC/DC must be made up of hundreds of pages, as the risks involved in such a partnership are huge. Even if Axl behaves professionally, he will likely receive insults from angry AC/DC fans onstage and offstage. The way he will respond to such hostile behaviour and the way he will behave will also determine whether Angus was right or wrong.

This is a bet. A risky bet for Angus and AC/DC, and like all bets you can win or lose. Everybody knows Angus is taking a big chance. If he fails, AC/DC's reputation and legacy will be affected irreversibly. If he succeeds then it was another challenge faced successfully for him and for AC/DC. If he makes Axl Rose accepted by AC/DC fans, then "the almighty Angus" would make the impossible possible.

How? Maybe... Taming Axl Rose's personality and getting the best of his voice, changing setlists every night with lots of old gems (Money Talks, If You Want Blood, Riff Raff etc), giving 110% on stage every single concert...

What else? We don't know. We are not Angus Young, we are just fans....

But we will stand next to Angus in Lisbon. Time will tell the rest.



  1. In Angus we TRUST!!

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