Saturday, October 4, 2014

AC/DC Rock or Bust Video Shoot - London 4 October 2014

News from the road

During our first day in London we managed to get some exclusive information and credible rumors from reliable sources about the new AC/DC video shoot.

1) AC/DC already shot some video footage yesterday at the same studios where they filmed the Rock'n'Roll Train video in 2008. Yesterday they mainly used green screens.

2) All the band members are in London including Stevie Young

3) The director is Dave Mullet as in the last videos and dvd's

4) The song which was played during the shoot was "Play Ball" (reportedly 2 min 40 sec with "very repetitive" lyrics)

5) Today another song will be used for filming (probably "Rock or Bust")

6) From what we heard, the stage will be at the centre of the venue and the fans will be around it

7) Lyrics and music for the new songs might be all by Angus Young (!)

8) Angus is in fantastic shape and can't wait to go on tour!

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