Thursday, February 12, 2015


New AC/DC official line up

After the Grammys and their video shoot in LA for "Rock The Blues Away" with new drummer Chris Slade, AC/DC has announced their US Tour!

Here's the complete list of dates with some of the OFFICIAL PRESALE websites links. It's a short tour leg which will suggest that not many more dates will be added.

Tickets will go on sale Monday 16 February on And they will sell super fast!

North American Tour 2015
22.08.2015 Foxborough, MA / Gillette Stadium (USA)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
26.08.2015 East Rutherford, NJ / MetLife Stadium (USA)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
28.08.2015 Quebec City, ON / Plains Of Abraham (Canada)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
31.08.2015 Montreal, QC / Olympic Stadium (Canada)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
03.09.2015 Ottawa, ON / TD Place (Canada)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
05.09.2015 Moncton, NB / Magnetic Hill (Canada)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
08.09.2015 Detroit, MI / Ford Field (USA)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
10.09.2015 Toronto, ON / Downsview Park (Canada)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
15.09.2015 Chicago, IL / Wrigley Field (USA)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
20.09.2015 Edmonton, AL / Commonwealth Stadium (Canada)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
22.09.2015 Vancouver, BC / BC Place (Canada)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time
25.09.2015 San Francisco, CA / AT&T Park (USA)
Tickets on sale Feb. 15th 2015, 10 am local time
28.09.2015 Los Angeles, CA / Dodger Stadium (USA)
Tickets on sale Feb. 16th 2015, 10 am local time

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


"AC/DC will play in a tiny club in California before their world tour" 
Nostranovis,  December 2014


The prophecy of Nostranovis was fulfilled just a few hours ago. AC/DC DID play in a tiny club in California before the world tour. And the club chosen was "The Dragonfly club" in Hollywood, California. It was not a real concert but still the band was on stage playing for the recording of the new video clip "Rock The Blues Away" in front of less than 100 lucky fans!!! The prophet was right.

We couldn't make it because of the short notice but some of the closest AC/DC Abruzzo friends were there! Matthew from Vancouver, BC and Christian, from Buenos Aires, Argentina and, last but not least, Marco "The ACDC Italia Stallion" from Brescia, Arizona.

Argentinian craziest fan

Reportedly, the meeting point was near a cemetery and then only 3 buses were used to take the fans to the venue. Much smaller scale than London and apparently no Europeans, except one Italian.

Inside the Dragonfly it was hot as hell, apparently because they needed the A/C off for the smoke.

The meeting place: a cemetery?

Bunch of lucky fans

Christian and Matthew, two of the craziest AC/DC fans in the world, confirmed that this unique event one was even more special than the London video in October. The band was extremely energetic on stage and in a very good mood. Almost ready for the World Tour kick off!

Slade is back!

They did 5 takes with the new single "Rock The Blues Away" and 1 take with the audience only. Brian was as super friendly as usual and Angus and Stevie even came back after the last take to meet the fans and sign autographs. Chris Slade is now back with the band with an official release and, honestly, we think Angus& co made a very good choice to replace "crazy Phil", who had become a liability for the future of the band...

The video will be out in about a month according to our sources. Promotional clips and interviews will be published while waiting on the AC/DC social media.

For the moment here's some photos from the videoshoot (by Nagra Productions) and a short (but intense) video clip by Don Dean.

Meet and Greet

Video by Happy Don Dean

Monday, February 9, 2015


8 February 2015 - Staples Center, Los Angeles


Saturday, February 7, 2015


First photos leaked of Chris Slade with AC/DC (possibly from the Grammy). Dave Mallet on the right which makes us believe he will be in the next AC/DC video as well.
Not exactly the right album to sign... :)

In the past few weeks we've been watching carefully social media activity regarding the new AC/DC drummer. With only one day to go the band has not yet made any official statement about their choice.

We only got rumors circulating on Facebook and Twitter: first it was Simon Wright who was considered 100% back in the band, then Chris Slade (because of a Facebook post of someone who hired him and then cancelled the gig due to some "major changes in Chris' career"). Last but not least Phil Rudd, who was apparently spot getting on a plane to L.A. only to join AC/DC for the Grammy performance only a couple of days ago.

Well, from the photos circulating today it appears clear that Chris Slade is back with the boys. Tomorrow we will get the official answer... So wait and see!

Which songs will they play? Possibly a medley of Rock or Bust and Highway to Hell... That's our guess.

As for the new US dates, we will probably get them immediately after the Grammy Awards performance...



Talented guitarist :)

Phil watching the Grammys from his New Zealand home?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

AC/DC to record new video in Los Angeles area on 10 February 2015

While waiting for the official press release regarding the new drummer (Chris Slade appears to be confirmed) AC/DC have officially announced that they are looking for 150 fans to take part in the recording of the new AC/DC video which will probably be "Rock the Blues Away".

Enter here your details to have a chance to win. Please keep in mind that only residents from certain America states can participate so read the terms and conditions carefully... :D


The boys will be back on stage for a live performance with the new lineup. New tour dates will probably be announced after that. The Grammy Awards will air live on CBS-TV from the Staples Center in Los Angeles next Sunday, 8 February 2010 at 8pm ET.

Angus rehearsing for the Grammy Awards

Stevie Young back on stage with AC/DC

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NEW OFFICIAL DATE Festivalpark Stenehei, Dessel (Belgium) July 6 2015!

New date added to the AC/DC Rock or Bust European Tour! AC/DC will perform at Festivalpark Stenehei, Dessel (Belgium) on July 6th 2015 Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, January 17th at 9:00 am local time.

So no extra show in England. We all go to Belgium instead!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

AC/DC will rock the 57th GRAMMY!

Confirmed: AC/DC will rock the 57th GRAMMYs on Feb. 8! 

This means that Phil Rudd is probably out of the band... 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

AC/DC to play Coachella Festival in April 2015!

It's official! AC/DC have been just confirmed as headliners of the Coachella Festival on 10-12 April 2015 in Indio, California! See you there!!!

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