Friday, June 26, 2009


AC/DC Abruzzo's Stirring Committee, with the exceptional presence of the Vice President, met for dinner yesterday near the Adriatic Sea in order to prepare an action plan for the last three shows of the 2009 European Tour. The action plan was prepared. The Vice President will be in London, together with the AC/DC Italia crew. The President will be in Dublin on the 28. And the Secretary General will join them both in Glasgow for the Grand Finale. More details soon. By the way, the guitar spaghetti and the fresh seafood cooked by the President's mother were delicious.

In line with the spirit of the venue of the next show in Dublin, which will take place at the Punchestown horse racing track, AC/DC Abruzzo decided to release the official betting odds about the songs that will be added to the setlist in Glasgow. Place your bets!

Updated BETTING ODDS by AC/DC Abruzzo bookmaking department:

Fling Thing 3-2
It's a long way to the top 22-1
If you want Blood 25-1
Gone Shootin 25-1
Riff Raff 40-1
Rocker 50-1
Live Wire 80-1
Touch too Much 100-1
Other 8-1


AC/DC Abruzzo just learned about the tragic death of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Despite his music was not our favourite we recognize the major contribution that he made to the history of music during his career. RIP.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


In the past few days AC/DC Abruzzo got some very positive reviews of all the Scandinavian gigs...  

PHOTO GALLERY from Copenhagen (Thanks to Mark and his photographer friend)

Obviously the boys are getting in perfect shape for Grand Finale of the European tour that will take place in Glasgow on June 30th. We can't wait. The main reason is that since Antwerp, we've been hearing rumours from reliable sources about something unique to be played in Glasgow. So we'll go to Scotland hoping for something really special.. And hoping that the boys didn't change their mind... ;-)

AC/DC fans from all over the world are also getting ready for this historic event. They will gather in Scotland coming from Europe, North America, Australia...It will be another milestone for AC/DC fans! AC/DC Abruzzo will meet with some old friends, including some who were in Wilkes Barre with us for the private gig! What a great opportunity to party! Our good friend Stonebreaker recommended the following after-party saying that it will be attended by lots of crazy German fans. Considering the success of the German party in the Latin Quarter in Paris last February we think we're not going to miss this...

Last but not least, speaking of setlist, here's also the complete exclusive "decoded" video of Dog Eat Dog, Live in Munich May 15, 2009. Enjoy!