Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"We've been around the world. We've seen a million girls..."

What now? This has been the most recurring question since the last show in Bilbao. Before wrapping up with AC/DC Abruzzo Blog and posting the exclusive message of Brian Johnson for our readers as we've promised, here's an update about the boys of AC/DC Abruzzo and about some of our craziest friends. What happened to them?

Back in Roseto degli Abruzzi he's now looking for a job as a sommelier in a luxury hotel/restaurant. He's seriously considering to work at the local Ritz...

He's back in Città Sant'Angelo. He got back to his full time job at Villa Serena, the famous mental institution of Abruzzo. His dream is to solve his conflict of interest like Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi did and become President of both AC/DC Italia and AC/DC Abruzzo.

He's back in Milan to his mysterious underground career. He finally bought a new GPS device to avoid getting lost and arriving late to concerts. He's convinced there will be another tour in 2013.

MARCOM from AC/DC Italia
He's back full time to his family business flying back and forth to the US and Italy selling "technological" socks. He's seriously considering our offer to leave AC/DC Italia and join AC/DC Abruzzo. An offer he can't refuse...

MARK from Vancouver (aka BigJack5)
Back to his furniture business and rock'n'roll family in Canada. He secretly hopes the next album will be recorded in Vancouver again. He's still shocked by the fact that the Abruzzo region really exists...

(SHOOT TO) PHIL from Belgium
Got engaged to French "inflatable" Rosie, whom he met at the after show party in Paris last month. They moved to the Loire Valley and now live happily together. This broke Orangus' heart.

Michel is back to his real job and family guy life. He's got now plenty of time to print silly t-shirts (which is his favourite hobby). Rock'n'Roll Nonno got back to his grandchildren and his passion for sports. He couldn't resist the temptation to visit Abruzzo and booked a flight to Pescara for August 5.

Well, the President has been working around the clock on his "legitimate" business as well as on the AC/DC Abruzzo photobook for the last 3 weeks. He got a third job too, just to try to make ends meet. He's started showing strange bipolar/schizophrenic symptoms (something similar to Jack Nicholson in The Shining). The next AC/DC Abruzzo meeting will probably be organised by the Vice President at the Villa Serena hospital... Just in case...

The dark side of the President