Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Some of the Statue Proposals (We love the one with Rosie!)

You organised a Bon Scott festival last year, what was the idea behind that?

Bon Fest actually began in 2006 when DD8 decided to have a gig to remember Bon Scott by. There was a plaque laid in 2005 and a festival was the next thing in the line to remember Bon by. Initially it went from a couple of hours on the Saturday afternoon, with local bands playing a few covers to mostly local ACDC fans. We have grown this year on year and we now hold the festival over two days and nights which has sold out well in advance from the last three years. We now pull in fans from all over the world with up to 60 German fans making the trip yearly. We now also bring in the best Bon Scott era ACDC tribute bands from all over Europe With bands coming this year from Germany and Italy.

Any other fundraising or events planned over the coming months that we should know about?

Not at the moment. The statue and Bon Fest is the main focus of attention at the minute.

How can people get involved in your campaign?

We require all the help we can get from fans from all over the world to help make this project a reality. At the moment all information is going through our Face book page and DD8 home page until the kick starter page goes live. We hope the page will go live next week then we can start taking donations from the fans. In the mean time Facebook and DD8 links are below.

How can we send you funds towards the statue?

We request that all funding goes through the Kick starter page when it is launched.

When do you hope the statue will be unveiled?

If the funding via Kickstarter is a success then we will unveil the statue at Bon Fest in Kirriemuir on Saturday May 4th 2013.