Thursday, June 11, 2009

AC/DC will change the setlist tomorrow?

We just received a message from one of our correspondants in the field, Orangus, saying that he met Cliff in Paris yesterday night. He got the balls to ask him to add Ride On to the setlist, like they did in 2001. Apparently, according to Orangus, Cliff's bodylanguage confirmed they're going to do something different. Orangus is a BL expert but AC/DC Abruzzo obviously remains very skeptical. Please don't shoot the messenger!! 
Reportedely, BD Man keeps having a very unprofessional behaviour: he is still lost somewhere in the Aveyron countryside eating large quantities of local food (i.e.. fricandeau, farçous, aligot et confit de canard with his French friends... He should be in Paris tonight.