Friday, December 11, 2009

UPDATE from AC/DC Abruzzo

"I'll tell you folks... it's harder than it looks"

Busy days of hard work for AC/DC Abruzzo staff...
After the gigantic dose of Rock'n'Roll in Argentina the Vice President has finally come back to the Abruzzo headquarters for some deserved rest. (But apparently he is already planning the next international trip... New Zealand?)
The President is still in Sydney, Australia experiencing the OZ summer lifestyle and working out the final details of the Australian tour (including the collaboration with the Kosp).
The Secretary General secretely met with Orangus/Belfagor before the premiere of Carmen, a few days ago, at La Scala Opera Theatre of Milan, to discuss some private business including the Japan minitour in March.
Project AC/DC Abruzzo goes on!

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