Wednesday, February 10, 2010

AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2010 - 1 day

AC/DC Abruzzo has just arrived in Melbourne. Just in time for a beer at Cherry Bar on AC/DC Lane (which has been lined with amazing posters of the band on the eve of their first show in Australia in 8 years).
1 day to go...

With our friends from Germany, Austria and OZ


  1. Just saw the flag on Melbourne news program

  2. You lucky, lucky guys are on some news footage down AC/DC Lane on some Melbourne news website. Thanks for this blog, I love it. It seems such a long time since Wembley Stadium ! Hope you enjoy the Oz tour and the new song ! Matt

  3. Here :
    have a good one. Matt

  4. Thanks! Can anyone download this video or suggest any software to download it?