Thursday, October 21, 2010


The Rock'n'roll camper van/tourbus

After the end of the tour, the AC/DC Abruzzo Steering Committee found a good reason to get back on the road for another rock'n'roll adventure. The International AC/DC fan meeting in Geiselwind, Germany organised by the German and Austrian fan clubs and Daily Dirt.

On 14 October we left Roseto degli Abruzzi with a rock'n'roll camper full of food and brand new copies of the Black Ice book. We made a stop in Ospitaletto, near Milan to meet with AC/DC Italia's executive Marcom and discuss antidotes to the withdrawal crisis w've been all experiencing after the last AC/DC gig in Bilbao.

The following day, we hit the road again. After 1300 km we arrived in Geiselwind, one of those small villages of Bavaria where beer is cheaper than water... It was pretty cool to see all those familiar faces again at such well organized meeting. From Stonebreaker to Thomas, from Patrick to Juergen (and many many more!). After travelling the world to see AC/DC we were all there to party and have fun together. There was a nice record fair and then concerts! And at night we got three different cover bands, probably among the best in Europe.

We missed all the others who were at the Berlin pregig party though: from the Rock'n'roll nonno, who couldn't make it, to Ross The Boss, who was home celebreating his birthday! By the way... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ROSS!!!

The following day we made a short stop in Munich and then another stop in the Trento area, in the North of Italy. You can find some of the best wine makers of the world in this region...

Hardcore fans meeting again...

Hole full of love... with the singer performing Bon Scott TV fashion

The packaging station in the camper van

Good times with Ross "The Boss"Young and Fifa Riccobono in Melbourne

HAMMERSMITH THEATRE, London 21 October 2003

Today it's the 7th anniversary of the rock'n'roll show that changed our lives...
For those about to Rock we Salute You!

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