Friday, July 15, 2011


2900 mt above sea level...

In the morning, somewhere in Europe during the AC/DC tour.

The President: "-Where are we?"
The Secretary General: "-I don't know. What day is it today?
The President: "-Yesterday it was Bercy second night... so tomorrow it's going to be Antwerp..."

For almost two years our lifestyle was tailored to the AC/DC tour schedule. We even replaced the calendar with the list of shows, counting days in this unusual but effective way to achieve our aims. Waking up in different cities, meeting new people every day, eating exotic food, taking planes, trains almost every day...

And now that the tour is over we are living in a non-tour limbo. How long will it last? We don't know. But we are certain about one thing: we cannot just quit the "rockstar lifestyle" and AC/DC Abruzzo's principles.

So more travels, more adventures, more rock'n'roll, which will share also on this blog... After all, we have to keep in good shape for the next tour!

Practicing what we preach... in Russia

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