Wednesday, May 13, 2009


YOU SHOULD GET IT! We deserve it...


  1. Dear Italian fans, if you have any connections to the band, please let them know that it's a disgrace not to have anything from Powerage in their setlist, and 1st of all, playing the same damn setlist(more or less) for more than HALF A YEAR now!

  2. The thing is that the band is doing this World Tour not for the hardcore fans and 95% of the people seem to be absolutely happy with the setlist. Promoters are happy too. So why changing the setlist? We understand Malcolm's point of view on this...

  3. Wait... they didn't change it??? no Gone shootin?!?!?

  4. I don't understand malcolm on this. He sure must have heard the outcry of the hardcore fanbase about the setlist. Why he won't add a couple of real gems is beyond me. It's just sad! Of course people like the setlist, because they haven't heard IYWB so far, cause if they would hear that they wouldn't ask for War machine or Anything Goes ...

  5. I have to admit, reading about the setlist NOT (really)changing yesterday after the Leipzig concert really was abit dissapointing.
    I´m going to both Gelsenkrichen and Cologne, and for a second I thought about selling my ticket for Cologne because of the setlist.
    On the other hand, as a harcore fan I´m glad to hear Dog Eat Dog, because I wasn´t able to hear this song live in 1996.
    After all, I´m glad I catched them twice in 2003 with an awesome set.
    The actual setlist is (indeed) a bit boring for all us old fans, but hey, I´m looking forward to hear Shoot to thrill, Anything goes and Dog Eat Dog!
    Stop complaining about Anything goes! It´s maybe one of the best songs for AC/DC to perform live.
    See you in Gelsenkrichen and Cologne!! :-)

  6. I'm not complaining about Anything Goes, I actually like it. Then way I see it though is that it doesn't deserve a spot on the setlist for 8 months straight if you have a back catalog with songs like Riff Raff, Rock'n'Roll Damnation, If you want Blood, Walk All over You...(the list is endless)

  7. I think it´s a great tune, different, but great, and it deserves it´s place in the set.
    More than War Machine and Black Ice.
    The setlist should look like this, and I think all would be happy:

    Rock & roll train
    High voltage
    Back in black (annoying, but you have to play it)
    Money made
    Stiff upper lip
    Girls got rhythm
    Hard as a rock
    Bad boy boogie
    Hells bells
    Shoot to thrill
    Kicked in the teeth
    Dog eat dog
    Anything goes
    You shook me all night long
    Whole lotta rosie
    Let there be rock (without solo)
    Highway to hell
    For those about to rock & huge fireworks

  8. Unfortunately AC/DC is not Bruce Springsteen or Aerosmith who takes requests from fans...

  9. Yep, unfortunately....
    Maybe they should, at least listen to fans anyway..
    They are becoming more and more untrustworthy.
    But better an AC/DC show with standard songs than NO AC/DC show!!!
    I´m glad they are on tour again!

  10. Yes Indeed Chris, No doubt about that. And I'm gonna enjoy Munich like it was my 1st and last show combined. Still, a bitter taste is left in the corner somewhere, think of what they could have played

  11. As it was said, I don´t believe they will ever listen to fan requests.
    The Gelsenkirchen and Cologne show will be my 8th and 9th AC/DC show.
    I will also enjoy them like the others I´ve been to.
    I think we just complain because we had enough time to listen to all the old stuff over and over again for the last five years they haven´t been around.
    Well, complaining about this won´t get us anywhere. It is like it is, we have to accept it!

  12. Accept, hmm...I've prepared a letter for the boys, will hand it over to the guys @ the soundboard after the Munich show. I don't have any expectations but I just want to tell em what some of us feel.

  13. That´s a pretty good idea, but I don´t think that one of the guys will even see this letter.
    But I´m hoping the best. :-)