Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Just a few hours before the first show of the Stadium tour in Leipzig, AC/DC ABRUZZO decided to inaugurate its "Interviews with the Hardcore Fans" series. We met many of them during our international rock'n'roll journey, from Wilkes Barre, USA to Birmingham, UK and we have been impressed by their dedication, passion and energy. But the most interesting thing for us, from Wilkes Barres onwards, was to have met those hardcore fans who had been confined in a limbo that lasted for 5 years (or 8 if they didn't attend any European show in 2003) before having the chance to see the band on stage again. Some of them are legendary figures who travelled almost anywhere to see the band since the Bon Scott era, others are just regular forum posters who had never seen the band live before. What they have in common is their genuine passion for AC/DC and their willingness and commitment to see them live in concert as many times as possible during the BLACK ICE World Tour. Enjoy!


Today, we're with one of the biggest fans of AC/DC that AC/DC Abruzzo had the pleasure to meet in Wilkes Barre for the private gig. Marc, aka as GOZONE. Our special guest for today.

AC/DC ABRUZZO: Gozone, you're definetely one of the most active fans on several boards, especially acdcpower.net where most of the hardcore fans has kept discussing matters related to AC/DC, often in a very "colurful and emphatic" way beyond the bounds of what is normally considered "politically correct". Please tell us about your passion for AC/DC and your role on ACDCpower forum.

GOZONE: Well, it is funny that you mentioned acdcpower.net!  I found that website because I was looking for somewhere to share my passion of AC/DC with other fans.  At first, it was a little rough there, as you know, that site is not for the weak! There are many great fans on there and I enjoy reading about concert reviews, album reviews, rare recordings, etc, etc.  You could say that I am not a “politically correct” poster there.  I state my honest opinion and try to be “real”.  There have been some battles on the message board.  Just to name a few of the poster, Kirk, Zoid, Wheels, Toxictwin (you), Meanstreak, HoneyRoll, Cali not Cooool, Jimmy, Shoot, Shocker, AT/LE, etc, etc…..all of these people and many others are die hard fans that contribute to the forum daily.  Yes, I will admit that it is fun to start “stuff” on that site but it is all in good fun.  I have learned so much about AC/DC by reading that board.  I really enjoy talking about rare or lesser known songs by AC/DC.  I am not a big fan of the “hits” by any means.  One of my favorite albums is Ballbreaker, many people there think I am crazy. You will see me at concerts wearing my Ballbreaker t-shirt!  That album is so underrated.  It is pure sleazy rock at its best. The bluesy groove on that album is great, thanks to the return of Phil Rudd.  One of my favorite songs ever is, Cover You in Oil.  I also enjoy listening to Powerage, what a great bluesy feel on that album as well.  I am very happy with the Black Ice album, Big Jack, Smash n Grab, Spoilin, Decibel are my faves on that album.  I think that the song, Stormy May Day could have been EPIC, if they including a bluesy Angus solo.

AC/DC ABRUZZO: We met in Wilkes Barre for that historic show. You told us that you were seeing more than one shows? How did it go?

GOZONE: Yes, it was great to meet you in Wilkes. I had a great time meeting such great fans.  Check out the pic of me and toxic. I drove 8 hours to see that show and bought a ticket off of a fan fromCalifornia.  I was pissed that Live Nation seated radio station winners up front and the die hards in back. What bull shit, total corporate crap.  Anyway, I enjoyed hearing RnR Train and Black Ice for the first time in history live.  After that show I saw them 6 more times. Detroit(2nd row), TorontoColumbusSan AntonioHoustonCincinnati.  It was worth every penny, let me tell you.  The Toronto show was the best, there was such a good atmosphere in that building that night.  It seemed like a national holiday in Canada…what great fans there. My hearing was lost for weeks after sitting in the second row in Detroit.  My highlights of the tour are , Shoot To Thrill, HAABPTB, War Machine, Back in Black to name a few.  I hope that we hear some more deeper cuts as this tour goes on.  I am a fan of HAAR, SUL, FOTS album, Sin City, Gone Shootin, Riff Raff, High Voltage, Live Wire, Walk All Over You, etc, etc.  How great would it be if they played something off of  FOTS?  It would be incredible for us fans.  I truly hope that they mix up the set drastically for the later tour dates. 

AC/DC ABRUZZO: Is it true that you met the band and that you have a special friendship with Phil Rudd?

GOZONE: Yes, me and Phil know each other…LOL…nah, I met him once outside of the hotel in suburbanDetroit.  It was total luck that I found them there.  I drove home from work and checked out this hotel nearby that musicians usually stay at when in town.  I parked my car on the street and Angus Young turns the corner!! I nearly passed out.  He was with a bodyguard and I shook his hand and he signed my FTATR vinyl for me.  What a nice guy, he signed it personally to me. I was so nervous that I didn’t say what I wanted to.  I then saw Phil walk out of the hotel and said hi to him, he told me and my buddy to get lost…LOL.  He then came back an hour later and signed my vinyl for me.  I hated to bug him but who knows if I will ever get that chance again. For all he knows, I am some ebay autograph seeking a-hole!  Phil is the ultimate bad-ass and the best drummer for AC/DC.  I find it hard to listen to the non-Rudd albums.  Malcolm was very cool too.

AC/DC ABRUZZO: Gozone, they told us that you have actually Italian ancenstors. It wouldn't be surprising that your greatgrandmother was from Abruzzo?

GOZONE: Yes, I have family in Northern Italy, north of Venice. My great grandmother came to Detroit for work and didn’t speak any English. I never got to meet here but I am very proud of my Italian ancestry.  There is nothing like an Italian family.  We are very close and always enjoy spending time together during the holidays (great food too). I would love to get a chance to go to Italy and meet some of my family there.  I would also love to see AC/DC there.  The fans there are awesome and I would love to be in an arena that has General Admission.  I can’t stand having seats on the floor in the USA, it sucks.

AC/DC ABRUZZO:Thank you Gozone. Hopefully, we'll meet soon on the road!

GOZONE: Well, I hope that we can meet during this tour.  I think that they will be back to the USA soon (summer).  I bet we hear dome classic gems too!!!  Bring on Gone Shooting, Ballbreaker, SUL, WMW, High Voltage, etc, etc!!!  Congrats on meeting Brian and Cliff, how cool!! Cheers and many thanks!!!!!


  1. GoZone rules, I have met him before. He is smooth with the ladies too!!!


    good interview guys

  3. This Gozone guy is a real douche.

  4. Nice interview. It was cool meeting you all in Wilkes-Barre PA. Hopefully we can meet again.