Sunday, February 14, 2010


AC/DC Abruzzo visited the amazing Family Jewels exhibition at the Arts Centre in Melbourne yesterday. As you know the exhibition covers the 35 year career of the band and lots of the items are on public display for the first time. There are costumes, instruments, stage props, photographs and rare hand-written material such as letters, notebooks and lyrics. There are also extensive moving image and sound material such as interviews, video clips and rarely seen performance footage, as well as published tour ephemera including exceptional early concert posters, programs, backstage passes and AC/DC collectibles. You will soon have an exclusive video from the AC/DC Italia- AC/DC Abruzzo joint venture on the exhibition.

Yesterday at the show, we talked to Curator Tim Fisher who told us how much time and work was needed to organise the exhibition. Several die-hard fans from all over the world contributed to the exhibition, including Arnaud Durieux with his legendary archives. The exhibition begins with the Immigration papers of the Young family and ends with some photos of the 2009 European Tour by our friend Stonebreaker. Obviously the items we liked the most were those from the Bon era and especially those related to Bon, such as his letters and cards to friends, Irene etc which helped us to understand his personality. The lyrics of Highway to Hell written on a piece of paper gave us goosebumps just like his leather jacket, passport and some of his early photos.

We also saw the original Super Ang costume together with the early schoolboy uniform and a Devil's costume that was used in some gigs back in the early '70s.

Stay tuned for more!

Bon Scott

Bon's passport

Bon's leather jacket

The original Super Angus Costume

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  1. Hello!!!I'm actually in Surfers moving down to melbourne next two weeks. And after that I'll be in Perth again the 1st of march. I got the ticket for the last show the 8th, if you want we can meet in perth next month if you'll be there. I also know a good place to sleep near the city center and just 2 train station from the Subiaco Oval. my email is
    P.S. romagnolo verace in australia con un working holiday visa che lasciera il paese il giorno dopo lo show :P
    ciao a tutti, Stefano :D