Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Angus Vintage cap

The Monsters of Rock are back! Outstanding performance of the greatest band in the world! Brian was so energetic and hyperactive that he even dropped his hat while jumping wildly... Best songs of the night: HIGH VOLTAGE, SIN CITY, LET THERE BE ROCK (with the new catwalk that is elevated only for the last few songs. We loved the new intro animated video and new stage set up). Rock or Bust is not as powerful as other openers that it is totally fine...

New stage

Mr Thunderstruck is back!
High Voltage

New Rosie 
Set list with "extras" by Shoot to Phil

AC/DC Intro + Rock or Bust Live Arnhem 5 May 2015 First concert in Europe

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  1. Sorry to say: The star of the show ist the stage production. The band itself is rather pale. Stevie's got no charisma, Slade is a hi-hat-machine, Angus' playing is uninspired and sloppy, Brian's voice is completey shoot. He can not sing any more. His dancing moves are pathetic. Is he trying to be Stephen Tyler or what? It's become a circus act, their own tribute band. Been a fan since the beginning, but seeing this is herartbreaking, And somehow it makes me angry. Other bands come up with new concepts, new shows. Not so ACDC. They have been serving the same meal for 30plus years now. 2015 sees the same show as ever, just a bit more colorfull. They could have and should have come up with a whole new show and setlist. My last concert was at the Columbia Halle in Berlin, 2003. Small venue, very intimate. Super setlist. Everything that came after that was just a sad joke. By the way, ACDC with downtuned guitars does not sound like ACDC anymore.